We recently had‌ the ‍pleasure of trying out ⁣the Maidenform Women’s Love the Lift Underwire Demi Bra, ​With ‍Push-up Cups, and let us‌ tell‍ you, it did not disappoint! This‍ bra is a game-changer when ‌it ⁢comes to providing the perfect ‌amount of lift and support. With‍ its‍ underwire construction and push-up ​cups,⁣ it enhances your natural shape while also offering incredible ⁤comfort. Stay tuned for our ⁤full review of this must-have bra!

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As‍ we explore the Maidenform‌ Women’s Love the Lift ‌Underwire Demi Bra,With Push-up Cups, we are impressed ​by its thoughtful design​ and quality construction. The bra features push-up cups that provide a natural lift and enhance the cleavage, creating‍ a⁤ flattering silhouette. With underwire support, this bra offers comfortable all-day​ wear without sacrificing style.

The product dimensions of ⁣13 x 8 x 1 inches ⁤showcase the bra’s ‌compact design, ⁤while the lightweight​ 1.92 ounces ensure a barely-there‌ feel. The item model number DM9900 indicates the unique style of this bra, making it easy to identify ⁤among other Maidenform offerings. Available since September⁤ 2, 2015, this bra has been a beloved​ choice for women seeking both comfort and support. Elevate your lingerie collection⁣ with the ⁤Maidenform Women’s Love ​the‍ Lift‍ Underwire Demi Bra,With Push-up Cups‌ today!

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Enhanced Design and Push-up Cups

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We were pleasantly surprised by the⁢ enhanced design ⁢of ‌the Maidenform ⁣Women’s Love the‍ Lift ⁤Underwire Demi Bra, especially the push-up cups that provided an amazing lift and ​support. The bra’s innovative construction truly lived ‍up to its name by giving‌ us the perfect amount of lift for a⁢ natural and flattering silhouette.

The push-up⁣ cups were a ‌game changer for us, as they comfortably enhanced ⁢our ‍curves and ‌boosted our confidence. We⁢ appreciated‍ the attention to ‌detail in the ​design,​ such as the underwire support that provided added lift and‌ shape. Overall, the⁢ Maidenform Love the Lift Demi Bra with Push-up Cups exceeded our expectations and quickly became a favorite in our lingerie collection. If⁢ you’re looking for⁣ a bra‌ that combines ‌style,‌ comfort, and support,‍ we highly recommend ‌trying out this fabulous option.⁤ Experience the lift and enhance your‌ curves by getting yours today ⁢at Amazon.

Comfort and Fit

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When⁣ it comes to ,⁤ we were ‌pleasantly surprised by the Maidenform ‍Women’s Love the Lift Underwire Demi Bra. The underwire⁤ provides ‌great support without‍ digging into your skin, while the push-up⁤ cups give a natural ⁣lift ⁣that enhances your silhouette. The adjustable straps allow you to customize the⁣ fit to your liking, ensuring all-day comfort.

We found that the bra ⁣fits true to size and the soft ⁤fabric feels gentle against the skin.​ The stretchy material moves with you throughout the day, providing⁢ a‌ comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Whether you’re looking ⁤for‌ everyday support or a special occasion bra,⁢ this Maidenform ‍style delivers ​both comfort and a flattering fit. If you’re in need of ​a new favorite bra, we recommend giving this one a try. Check it out on⁤ Amazon ‍for more details! Shop now.

Our‌ Final Thoughts

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In⁣ on this ​Maidenform Women’s Love the Lift Underwire​ Demi Bra with Push-up Cups, we ⁤have to say ‌that we were pleasantly surprised⁣ by the fit and comfort of this bra. The push-up cups⁣ provide just the right amount of lift for a flattering silhouette, while the underwire offers the‍ necessary support‍ for all-day wear. The design ‌is sleek and⁣ modern, making it a versatile option for everyday use.

One of the standout features⁢ of this ⁤bra is its lightweight construction,⁣ which ⁣makes it feel almost weightless on the skin. Additionally, the adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure ⁤ensure a ⁣customized fit that⁣ is tailored to your unique shape. Overall, we would definitely⁤ recommend this Maidenform bra⁣ to anyone looking for⁢ a ⁤reliable and comfortable undergarment. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can find ‌it on Amazon at the following link: Get yours‍ here!.

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully reviewing the customer feedback on Maidenform’s Love the ‌Lift Demi Bra,‍ we have compiled ​a summary of the‍ most⁤ common points ⁣mentioned by our valued customers:

Customer Review Summary
Very⁤ pretty, nice fit, ‍comfortable, flattering Customers appreciated the‌ aesthetic appeal, fit, and comfort of the bra.
I love it! It’s beautiful and⁤ comfortable. The cup⁣ size, along with ‍the⁤ push-up and underwire aspects, meets my needs. Positive feedback ⁣on the design, comfort, and support provided by the bra.
Good price, fit is⁤ comfortable. It does have a ‍lot of padding in it though. Probably not an everyday ‌bra, ‍but maybe for special ‍occasions Customers noted the affordability, comfort, and padding ‍level of​ the bra, suggesting it might be better suited for special occasions.
When I saw⁤ lace I thought it would more than likely be ⁤itchy, i ​was way wrong. It’s like silk and actually feels great ​on my skin. I purchased smoke/gentle peach on size 32A (I’m a ⁢VERY small⁤ B cup but have had 3 kids) and⁢ it fit perfectly. Praise⁤ for the softness, fit, and comfort of the bra,⁢ especially for customers with smaller ⁢cup sizes.
I ​really wanted to keep it because it’s a very pretty ⁤design but it ‌the cups were oddly ​too close together and gave ⁤me a weird squeezed together ⁤look that wasn’t flattering. Concerns about⁤ the design and fit,⁣ with some ⁣customers‍ finding the cups too close together to be flattering.
This⁢ is such a beautiful bra and​ what a perfect fit! So ​soft and⁢ clings in all the right places without ​being tight. Positive feedback on the design and fit of ‍the bra, with emphasis on comfort ‍and ⁢softness.
I ⁣have purchased multiple of this style bra in the past, but this⁤ particular one is the worst! I wore it the ‌first time for only about 3 hours…Horrible quality ‌control! Disappointment expressed over poor quality control resulting in discomfort and pain due ‌to a faulty underwire.
Feels good on​ body, comfortable, right size – the cup ‌is not too big or ⁢too small Customers appreciated the comfort and appropriate ⁣size ⁣of‍ the bra, ‍especially in ‍the cup area.
Extremely comfy Positive feedback ‌on​ the extreme comfort provided by the ⁣bra.
Best fitting‍ bra ever purchased. High quality material and beautiful style. Praise for ​the ‌fit, material quality, and style ‍of the bra, with repeated purchases ⁤due to comfort.
Great fit, so comfortable and such a luxurious feel. Perfect like a glove. Customers lauded the great fit, luxurious feel, and⁤ comfort of ⁤the bra, comparing it to a perfect fit like a⁢ glove.

Overall, Maidenform’s Love the Lift Demi Bra has received positive feedback for ⁣its⁤ design, comfort, fit, and material quality. While ‍some customers ⁢have raised concerns about specific issues such‍ as cup spacing and faulty underwires, ​the ⁤majority of reviews highlight the bra’s aesthetic ‍appeal and comfort levels. ⁤We recommend this bra for those looking for a push-up demi style⁣ with a combination of‍ support and comfort.

Pros & ‍Cons

Pros & ​Cons


1. Provides great lift ‍and ‍support
2. Comfortable to⁤ wear all​ day
3. Push-up cups enhance cleavage
4. Beautiful design with lace detailing


1. Underwires may poke and become uncomfortable
2. ‌Sizing can be inconsistent
3. ‌Hand washing recommended for longevity

Overall, we found the Maidenform Love the Lift Demi‌ Bra to‌ be a reliable option for those looking ‍for a boost in their ⁤bust. While there are some drawbacks to consider, the pros ⁣outweigh the ⁤cons, making this bra worth trying out.


Q:⁢ How comfortable is ‌the Maidenform Love the Lift Demi‌ Bra?

A: The​ Maidenform ‍Love the Lift Demi⁣ Bra ⁢is ​incredibly ⁢comfortable. The underwire and push-up cups⁣ provide ⁢the perfect amount​ of support and lift ⁤without ‌sacrificing ⁣comfort.

Q: ​Does this bra give a good shape under clothing?

A: Yes, this bra creates a ⁢beautiful shape ‍under‌ clothing. The demi style is perfect for low-cut tops, and the push-up cups ⁢enhance your natural shape for a flattering silhouette.

Q: Is the ⁢sizing‌ accurate for ⁢this‌ bra?

A: We‍ found that ⁣the sizing for ‍the Maidenform⁢ Love the Lift Demi Bra was spot-on.⁣ We recommend following the sizing chart provided by Maidenform to ‍ensure the perfect fit.

Q: How is⁤ the quality of the material?

A: The quality ​of the material used in this‌ bra is excellent. The fabric is soft and durable, and the underwire is sturdy yet comfortable for all-day wear.

Q: Does this bra hold up​ well⁣ after washing?

A: ⁤Yes, we found that the Maidenform Love⁢ the Lift Demi Bra holds up⁤ very well after washing. Just make sure to follow the care instructions provided to maintain the⁣ shape and quality of⁤ the bra.

Embody​ Excellence

As ‌we come to the end of⁢ our review on ⁣Maidenform’s Love the ⁤Lift Demi Bra, ‌we can confidently say that⁢ this bra ⁤exceeded our⁢ expectations‌ in terms‌ of comfort, support, and lift. The push-up cups worked wonders in ‌enhancing ​our natural curves, while the underwire ‍provided just the right amount of support.

If you’re looking for a bra that not only looks great but also feels great to wear, we highly ‌recommend giving the‍ Maidenform Love the⁤ Lift Demi Bra a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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