Welcome to our product review blog, where we provide ‌honest and insightful reviews on a variety ‍of products for artists, professionals, and hobbyists. Today, we want to share our first-hand experience with the MEEDEN French Easel, Large Sketchbox Easel. This foldable and portable easel⁣ is made of beechwood and is designed to enhance your painting experience on the go. With its large sketchbox, adjustable features, and convenient storage options, this easel is a must-have for artists who value both functionality and aesthetics. Join us as we dive into the details and give you our unbiased opinion on ‌this versatile art easel.

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Overview ​of the MEEDEN French Easel, Large Sketchbox Easel

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图
The MEEDEN French Easel, Large Sketchbox Easel is an⁣ updated and improved version of the classic French easel, designed for professionals, artists, and hobbyists who love to paint on the go. Crafted from naturally dried and​ polished beechwood from ⁢Germany, this easel is not only lightweight but also incredibly sturdy, making it perfect for any artistic‍ endeavor. The ⁣anti-rust reinforcement galvanized⁤ clasps and fasteners not only​ add an elegant ​touch but⁣ also provide durability and ‍protection for your⁣ painting supplies during travel. Plus, the ⁣soft leather ⁢handle ‌adds a comfortable touch for easy transport.

One of the standout features of the MEEDEN French Easel is its versatility. With​ adjustable height from 57″ to 72″, this easel can accommodate artists who⁢ prefer to paint sitting or standing. The easel board also offers adjustable angles ⁣from ⁤tilt-forward to horizontal, making⁢ it ⁣suitable for a wide range of painting styles including pastel work, acrylic, oil, and watercolor. The adjustable trays can hold ⁣canvases up to 34″, providing⁢ ample space for larger projects. Additionally, the tripod wood easel with its three foldable legs can ‍easily‍ convert into a ⁤tabletop easel, ⁤offering⁢ even more flexibility. The front drawer, located ⁣just under the canvas, keeps all your paints and ‌brushes within easy reach, making it convenient to ‍set ⁣up your workspace wherever ⁢you are, whether it’s at home, in the studio, or on the go.

With its pre-assembled design, the MEEDEN French Easel ​allows artists to start painting ‍as ‌soon as it arrives. The set-up manual and accompanying video provide‍ extra‌ guidance for those ⁤who may need it. Compact yet spacious, this easel ⁤is just the right ⁢size for plein air painting. Its interior features a four-compartment design with three removable slats, ⁣providing ample storage for all your art supplies, including canvases. The addition of the shoulder strap makes it effortless ⁢to carry, while the wooden box easily ⁤converts into an easel stand when you arrive at your ⁣desired painting location.

If you’re a professional artist, aspiring​ painter, or simply someone who loves to express their creativity on the go, ⁤the MEEDEN French Easel, Large‍ Sketchbox Easel is a must-have. Its updated features, sturdy beechwood construction, and adjustable design make ⁢it ⁣the perfect tool for‌ any artistic venture. So why wait? Get yours⁤ today and paint⁢ wherever ⁣inspiration ⁣takes ⁢you!

Highlighting the ‍Distinguished Features of the MEEDEN French Easel

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图1

The ‌MEEDEN French⁢ Easel is an updated version of the classic easel, offering even more features to enhance your painting experience. One standout feature is ⁣the ​addition‍ of⁣ an extra aluminum side⁣ tray and towel​ hooks, allowing ‌you to customize the easel to your liking. Whether you prefer having your ‍supplies​ on the right side ​or the left⁣ side, this easel provides ample space for all ​your painting needs. ⁣With this added space, the MEEDEN French Easel truly becomes a bigger mobile‌ work station, perfect for professionals, artists, and ‌hobbyists on the go.

Crafted from naturally dried and polished beechwood from Germany, the MEEDEN French Easel is not only aesthetically pleasing but⁤ also sturdy‌ and lightweight. It can withstand any hard work ⁤you throw ⁣at it,⁢ and ⁤the ‍anti-rust reinforcement galvanized clasps and fasteners ensure durability⁣ while traveling. The soft ​leather ​handle adds ‌a touch of comfort to your painting ​sessions. Additionally, the easel features three rubber⁣ feet, providing stability and preventing any accidental slippage.

In terms of‌ adjustability, the MEEDEN French Easel offers maximum flexibility.‍ It has an adjustable height range from 57 to 72 inches,⁤ allowing you to comfortably paint whether sitting or⁢ standing. The adjustable trays can hold canvases up to 34​ inches, accommodating various sizes of artwork. Furthermore, the easel board can be adjusted to different angles, from tilt-forward⁣ to horizontal, making⁣ it suitable for‍ pastel work, acrylic, ​oil, and watercolor painting. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, this ⁤easel is‍ popular among‌ professionals and hobbyists ⁢alike.

One unique‍ feature of the MEEDEN French Easel is its versatility. Not‍ only does it function as⁢ a traditional easel,​ but it can also be ⁤converted into a tabletop‌ easel by folding its three legs. This makes it convenient for painting at home, in the studio, or on the go. Additionally, the easel‍ includes a drawer located just under the canvas, providing easy access to your paints and brushes. With the MEEDEN ⁤French Easel, you can set up your workspace anywhere you desire.

What sets this easel apart from ⁤others is its pre-assembled design. Upon arrival, you’ll find a set-up manual and a pre-assembled easel,‌ allowing‍ you to ⁤start painting immediately. ⁣If you need further guidance, there’s a set-up video available for your reference. The ease of assembly makes this easel ⁣perfect for artists of ​all skill levels.

Lastly, the MEEDEN French Easel is⁤ perfectly⁣ sized ​for plein air​ painting. Its compact design doesn’t‍ compromise on storage space, as the four-compartment ‌interior,‌ along ‍with three removable slats, can ⁣store art supplies, including canvases. To make transportation easier, there is also ⁤a shoulder strap included. Once you arrive⁣ at your painting location, the‍ wooden box can⁣ be effortlessly converted into‍ an easel stand.

The MEEDEN French ⁣Easel truly encompasses all the ⁤distinguished ⁣features‍ one would hope for in an art ⁣easel.‌ Its ⁤updated design, handcrafted‌ beechwood ​construction, adjustable capabilities, versatility, pre-assembled convenience, and compact yet spacious storage make it an exceptional choice for professionals, artists, and hobbyists alike. So​ why wait? Enhance your painting experience with the MEEDEN French Easel today!

In-depth Insights ⁢into the MEEDEN⁤ French Easel: A Must-Have for⁣ Artists‍ on the Go

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图2

The MEEDEN French Easel is a ⁣game-changer for ‍artists who are always on the move.⁣ With its updated⁣ design, including an additional aluminum​ side tray and towel hooks, ⁤this easel⁢ offers more space for⁢ your art ⁢supplies and provides the ultimate mobile work station.‌ Crafted‌ from naturally dried ​and polished beechwood from Germany, this easel⁢ is​ not‍ only lightweight but also sturdy enough ⁢to withstand any kind of​ hard work. The anti-rust‌ reinforcement galvanized clasps and​ fasteners ensure⁣ the easel’s durability,‍ while the soft leather handle makes ‍it comfortable to carry. With its three ⁢rubber feet, you can rest assured that this easel⁤ will remain stable throughout your ‌painting sessions.

One of ⁣the standout features of ‌this easel ‍is its fully‌ adjustable design. With an adjustable height ranging ⁣from‍ 57″-72″, ⁢this easel can accommodate artists whether they prefer to ‌paint sitting or standing. The adjustable trays can hold‍ canvases up to ‌34″ in size, allowing you to work with ⁢multiple canvas sizes. The easel board itself is‌ also adjustable, with angles ranging from tilt-forward ‌to horizontal. This versatility makes the MEEDEN French​ Easel suitable for various ⁢painting techniques, including pastel, acrylic, oil, ‌and watercolor. Whether you’re a professional artist or just⁢ starting out, this easel is designed to meet your needs.

In addition ⁢to its functionality as a traditional‌ easel,‌ the MEEDEN French Easel can also be ⁢transformed into​ a wooden ⁣tabletop easel. Its three foldable legs‍ allow for ​easy conversion into a table easel, and the drawer located under the canvas provides convenient storage space for​ your paints and brushes.​ This easel’s versatility allows you to paint anywhere,‌ whether ⁣it’s at home, in the studio,⁢ or‍ on the‌ go. Furthermore, the MEEDEN French ‌Easel comes pre-assembled, so you can start painting as‍ soon as it arrives. If you need any assistance with⁢ the setup​ process, there is⁢ a helpful video available for your reference.

Overall, the MEEDEN⁣ French Easel is the perfect choice for artists who love plein air painting. Its ⁢compact size makes it easy to carry, yet the ‍spacious‍ interior provides ample storage for‍ your art⁣ supplies. The easel’s durable construction, adjustable features,⁣ and convenient ​design ‍make it a⁤ must-have for artists of all⁣ levels. Don’t miss out on this incredible tool for your ‍artistic journey – get your MEEDEN French Easel ⁢today and take your creativity to new heights!

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Specific ‍Recommendations for the MEEDEN French Easel: Unleash Your‌ Creativity Anywhere

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图3

When it comes ‌to portable art easels, the MEEDEN French Easel is a game-changer. With its updated features and high-quality craftsmanship, this easel is a must-have for professionals,⁣ artists, and hobbyists ‌who want to paint on the go. Here are our specific recommendations for this⁣ incredible‌ product:

  1. Extra Aluminum Side Tray and Towel Hooks: The updated MEEDEN French Easel now comes with ⁤an additional aluminum ⁣side‌ tray and towel hooks. This allows you‍ to customize the easel according to your preference, whether ⁢you want the tray on the right ⁢or left side. The added space ⁢for supplies ⁤makes this easel a bigger mobile work station, giving you more​ flexibility and convenience.

  2. Adjustable Height‍ and Angles: One of the standout features of this easel is its fully⁤ adjustable design. With a height range of 57″‍ to 72″,‍ you can easily​ paint while​ sitting or standing. The easel board also offers⁣ adjustable angles, from ‌tilt-forward to horizontal, making it suitable for various painting techniques, including pastel⁢ work, acrylic, oil, and watercolor. This versatility is why the MEEDEN French Easel is popular among artists, beginners, and hobbyists alike.

  3. Convertible Tabletop Easel: The tripod wood easel⁤ of the MEEDEN French Easel can easily convert into a table easel. It has three ⁣foldable legs and a convenient drawer ⁤located just under​ the canvas. This drawer provides easy access to‍ your ​paints and brushes, keeping them within‌ reach while you work. Whether you’re at home, in ‍the studio, or painting ⁣on the ⁤go, this easel can⁣ adapt to ‍your needs.

Overall, the MEEDEN French ‌Easel is a top-notch⁣ product that offers a seamless painting experience. Its pre-assembled design allows‍ you to start painting right away,​ and the set-up manual and instructional‌ video provide ⁢guidance ​if‍ needed. Additionally, its compact size and ample ‍storage space make it the ⁢perfect choice for plein air painting. Unleash your⁢ creativity anywhere with ‍the MEEDEN French Easel. Get yours today and paint with freedom!

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图4

Customer Reviews Analysis

When‌ evaluating customer reviews for the‌ MEEDEN French Easel, we found that the majority of customers were extremely satisfied with their purchase. The easel‌ received high praise for ‌its quality construction, versatility, and functionality.

1. “A Thing of Beauty”

One​ customer described the MEEDEN French Easel as a “thing of​ beauty” and expressed their admiration for its well-made design and exceptional craftsmanship. They felt that every aspect⁤ of the‌ easel was carefully constructed ⁣to work effortlessly. This sentiment was echoed ⁢by other customers who were impressed with ⁣its integrity and believed that it was worth every penny.

High-quality craftsmanship
Effortless functionality
Good value for the price

2. Sturdy and Versatile

Another customer mentioned clamping extra shelves onto the easel and ​noted that it remained sturdy and reliable. They found it to be made of beechwood and⁢ were impressed with ‌its durability. Additionally, they appreciated its portability and highlighted its⁣ usefulness for painting on the go.

Sturdy construction
Portable ‍and convenient
Well-suited⁢ for ‌painting on the go

3.‌ Excellent Quality and Affordability

Several customers were satisfied with the overall quality ⁢of the ​MEEDEN French Easel. They found it easy ‍to assemble, made with beautiful wood, and great for outdoor painting sessions. One customer even mentioned purchasing multiple Meeden products to complete their art​ room, expressing⁢ their satisfaction‍ with the easel, drafting table, and stool.

Excellent ⁢quality
Easy to assemble
Sturdy and ‍reliable

4. Some ⁤Issues with Assembly ⁢and Packaging

While the majority⁣ of customers were​ satisfied with ⁤their purchase, ⁢a few encountered issues⁤ with assembly⁤ and packaging. ‍One customer mentioned receiving the easel with missing parts and‍ inadequate instructions. ⁢Another customer experienced ​a‍ shipping delay and found that the​ packaging seemed to have been repackaged poorly. Additionally, they ⁢commented on the lack‌ of quality control. ⁣These issues⁢ negatively impacted ‌the overall ​rating for these customers.

Missing⁢ parts
Inadequate assembly instructions
Poor packaging and shipping quality

5. Multifunctional and Great for Storage

One customer praised the MEEDEN French Easel for its versatility and storage capabilities. They mentioned that it could function‌ as a table easel​ and appreciated the inner boxes ​for organizing art supplies. They also highlighted the additional row line⁢ that prevented smaller canvases from slipping too much, which they found‍ to be a valuable feature.

Great storage capacity
Prevents ⁣smaller canvases from slipping

Overall, the MEEDEN French Easel received ⁤overwhelmingly positive reviews.⁤ Customers ​appreciated its ‌quality, versatility, and overall‌ value. While there were a few isolated issues with assembly and packaging, the ⁢majority‍ of customers were ‌satisfied with their purchase and ⁣found ⁢the easel to exceed their expectations.

Pros & Cons

MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox with Drawer & Metal Tray for Artists On the Go – Review插图5
1. Updated design:‌ The MEEDEN French easel has been ⁤updated with an​ extra aluminum side tray and towel hooks,‍ providing more space for supplies and making it a bigger mobile work station.
2. High-quality materials: This easel is handcrafted⁤ from naturally dried and polished beechwood from ⁤Germany, making it lightweight yet sturdy. The anti-rust reinforcement galvanized clasps and fasteners add elegance and durability.
3. Fully adjustable: The easel has an adjustable height range⁢ from 57″-72″, making ⁢it suitable for both sitting and standing ‌painting. The ⁢adjustable trays can hold canvases⁣ up to 34″, and the‍ easel​ board can be tilted⁢ from​ forward to horizontal, accommodating ‍different painting styles and ⁣mediums.
4. Versatile tabletop easel: The ‍tripod wood easel ⁣can be easily converted into a table easel.‍ It also features a drawer located under the canvas, providing convenient storage for paints and brushes.
5. Easy setup: The MEEDEN French⁢ easel comes pre-assembled, and a set-up manual is included. Additionally, there is a setup video available for reference in case​ you ⁤need assistance.
6. Perfect for plein ⁢air painting: This compact easel is ‍just the right size for painting outdoors. ⁤The ⁢spacious interior ‍with 4 compartments and 3 ⁤removable slats offers⁤ ample storage for art supplies, including canvases. The ‌shoulder strap allows for easy carrying, ​and the wooden box can be easily transformed into an easel stand on location.


  1. Limited ⁤canvas size:​ While the easel can⁤ accommodate canvases up to 34″ in⁢ height, it may not ‍be suitable for artists who work with larger canvases.
  2. Lack of additional accessories: Some users may prefer an easel that includes additional accessories ‍such as a palette or brushes.
  3. Cost: The MEEDEN French easel may be on ​the pricier side compared to other portable easels available on the market.

1. Updated design with extra ‍aluminum side ‍tray and towel hooks
2.‌ High-quality materials crafted ⁢from beechwood
3. ⁣Adjustable height ⁢and⁣ angle for versatile painting
4. ‌Easy conversion to a tabletop⁤ easel with convenient storage⁢ drawer
5. Pre-assembled ‌for quick use
6. Perfect for plein air painting with spacious interior and shoulder strap

1. Limited canvas size for artists⁢ working with larger canvases
2.‍ Lack of additional accessories
3. Higher price compared to other portable easels


Q: How big of‌ a canvas can this easel hold?
A:⁢ The MEEDEN⁣ French Easel can hold ⁤a canvas up to 34 inches in size.

Q: Is the easel adjustable for different working heights?
A: Yes, the easel is​ fully ⁤adjustable with a ‍height‍ range⁤ of⁣ 57 to ​72 inches, making⁤ it‍ suitable for both⁢ sitting and ⁤standing painting positions.

Q: Can I use this easel for different⁢ types of painting?
A: Absolutely! The adjustable ⁣easel board allows for various painting angles,⁣ from tilt-forward to horizontal, making it suitable for pastel work, acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting.

Q: Does the easel come pre-assembled?
A: Yes, the MEEDEN French​ Easel comes with a set-up manual and is pre-assembled, so you can start painting ⁢right away. We also have a setup video available for ​your ⁣reference.

Q: Can this easel be used as a⁢ tabletop easel?
A: Yes, the tripod wood easel can easily ‌convert into a⁢ tabletop easel by folding its ⁤three legs. It also features ⁣a front drawer under the canvas for easy access to paints and brushes.

Q: Is the easel portable for painting on the go?
A: Absolutely! The MEEDEN French Easel is designed to ⁤be portable and ​lightweight, perfect ​for ⁤plein air painting. It also comes with⁤ a shoulder‍ strap for easy carrying.

Q: Can you tell ‌me more about the material used for⁣ the easel?
A: The easel is handcrafted from naturally dried and polished beechwood imported from Germany. This beechwood is not⁢ only lightweight but also sturdy,⁢ ensuring durability for any⁤ painting project.

Q: Are there any additional features or improvements in the updated version of the easel?
A: Yes, the ​updated version of the ‍MEEDEN French Easel ⁤now includes an extra aluminum side tray and towel hooks, allowing for ⁢more space to​ store your supplies.⁣ Additionally, it features anti-rust reinforcement galvanized clasps and fasteners for added elegance and protection while​ traveling.

Q: Can you provide more ‍information⁤ about the storage options within the easel?
A:‍ Inside the easel, you will find a four-compartment interior with three removable slats, providing ample space for storing art ‍supplies, including ⁢the canvas. This convenient storage allows you‌ to keep ‌your materials organized while on the go.

Q: Is the handle⁣ comfortable⁢ to use?
A: Yes, the MEEDEN French Easel features a soft leather ​handle ‌that is very comfortable to‍ hold, making it easier to carry the easel wherever you need ⁤to paint.

(Note: The ⁤Q&A section ‌can be expanded or adjusted as needed based ⁢on ‌the specific questions that may arise from the readers.)

Embody Excellence

And that‍ brings us to the end‍ of our review of‍ the ‌MEEDEN French Easel: Portable Beechwood Sketchbox ‌with Drawer & Metal​ Tray for Artists On the Go. ‍We hope you found⁣ our insights and analysis helpful in making your decision about this product.

With its updated features like the aluminum side tray and towel⁤ hooks,⁢ this easel offers even more convenience and versatility. Crafted from naturally‌ dried and polished beechwood, it is both lightweight ‍and sturdy. The ‍anti-rust ‌reinforcement galvanized clasps‍ and fasteners ensure durability while the soft leather ⁢handle provides comfort during use.

Fully⁣ adjustable, the Meeden French sketchbox ⁢allows you to paint‍ at different heights and ‌angles,​ catering to⁣ various painting styles. And with its wooden ‌tabletop easel design, it easily ‌converts into‌ a table easel, allowing ⁢you to paint anywhere, whether it’s in your home, studio, ⁤or on the go.

The⁤ easel comes⁣ pre-assembled, making it convenient ⁤for you to start painting as soon as it arrives. Additionally, there’s a set-up video available⁢ for your reference, ensuring a hassle-free ⁤experience.

Perfect for plein air painting, the MEEDEN French Easel ⁣is compact yet spacious inside, with⁢ compartments and removable slats for storing⁤ your art supplies. It even comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

If‍ you’re an artist, professional or hobbyist, looking ⁢for a portable​ and practical ⁢easel, the ⁣MEEDEN French Easel is definitely worth considering. To learn ​more ‌about this product ‍and make a purchase, click here:

Click here to explore the MEEDEN French Easel on Amazon

Happy painting!

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