When‌ it comes to meter mounting equipment,⁤ Murray​ has ‌been a trusted name for over 50 years. One of their standout products is the Murray 200-Amp, 5 Jaw, Ringless Cover, Lever Bypass, Overhead And Underground⁣ Feed, Meter Socket.

Having personally used this meter socket, we can⁢ attest to its quality and durability. ⁢The design has stood⁤ the test of time since its inception in 1956, making‌ it a reliable choice for any installation. The 320 amp ⁢bypass blade ensures that every socket is Heavy Duty, giving you ⁣peace of mind ⁢when it comes to performance.

It’s ​important to note that most utilities ⁢require ⁢approval before​ connecting to a meter socket, so be sure ‌to check with your local utility before purchasing. With a list of current⁤ utility approvals, ⁣including Bartow Electric and Consolidated Edison, you can trust‌ that this meter socket meets industry standards.

Overall, the Murray 200-Amp Meter Socket is ‍a solid choice for ​any ⁣installation, offering quality and ​innovation at a competitive price point. Whether⁣ for overhead or‍ underground feed, this meter socket delivers on performance and⁤ reliability.

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When it comes to meter mounting equipment, Murray has been setting the standard for quality‍ and innovation⁢ for over fifty years. ‌The Murray 200-Amp Meter Socket, with its ringless‌ cover, lever bypass, and ​options for overhead and underground‍ feed, embodies the durability and reliability that Murray is ⁣known for. The‌ design of⁣ this socket has stood the test of time, ​with the HQ lever bypass socket remaining‍ unchanged since ‌its inception ​in 1956.

Our ‌sockets are built to ⁤last,⁣ with a bypass blade rated for ⁣320 ⁢amps, making them truly heavy duty. ⁢We take ‍pride in offering the HQ at⁣ a competitive price without compromising on quality. It’s ⁣important to note ​that not all meter sockets are⁣ approved by every utility, ⁣so be‌ sure to confirm⁤ approval with your local ‍utility‍ before purchasing ⁣or installing.⁤ With approvals⁤ from major utilities like Consolidated Edison and Gainesville Regional Utilities, you​ can trust in the Murray 200-Amp Meter Socket for⁣ your electrical needs.

Feature Specification
Rated Amperage 200 Amp
Bypass Type Lever Bypass
Max ​Lug Rating 350 kcmil

Looking for a reliable, ⁢heavy-duty meter socket that has ⁣stood the test ‍of time? Look no further than the Murray 200-Amp ⁣Meter⁤ Socket. Purchase yours today on Amazon and experience⁢ the Murray difference for ‍yourself.

Key ⁤Features of the Murray RH173CRF Meter Socket

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When it‌ comes to the‍ Murray⁤ RH173CRF Meter Socket, the key features truly set it apart from⁤ the competition. One of⁢ the standout features is ⁤the 100% rated lever bypass with clamping action, ‍providing an added level ‌of​ safety and security. Additionally, the 350 kcmil max⁣ rated lugs ensure a reliable connection, while the use of RX type hubs and 7/8″ barrel​ lock provision further add to the convenience⁢ and ​functionality of this meter ⁣socket.

With a 200 Amp continuous duty rating, this meter socket is built to⁤ last and⁤ withstand the demands of everyday use. The solid, ‌time-proven ​design ⁢dating back to 1956‌ speaks to the quality and reliability that Murray is​ known ​for. Plus, with current⁤ utility approvals from reputable companies like Consolidated Edison ‌and Gainesville Regional Utilities, you can trust ​that this meter socket meets the necessary standards for ‍safe and efficient operation.

Insights and Recommendations

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After evaluating the Murray 200-Amp meter socket, we have gathered some ⁢ to share with our audience. ⁢The first thing that stood out​ to us was the high-quality construction and design of the⁢ socket. With the lever bypass feature and 320-amp bypass blade rating, this socket is indeed “Heavy Duty” as advertised. It’s reassuring to know that the basic‍ design has remained ​unchanged since 1956, a testament to its reliability and solid performance over‌ the years.

For those considering purchasing this meter socket, we highly recommend checking approval with your local utility first, as some utilities have specific requirements for meter sockets. However, with approvals from various utility companies such as Bartow Electric, Consolidated Edison, and Gainesville Regional Utilities, the Murray socket is a trusted choice for many. The 200-Amp continuous duty rating, clamping action lever bypass, and RX type hubs further enhance the functionality and security of this ⁣equipment. If you’re in need of a durable and dependable meter socket, we encourage you to ‍check out the Murray 200-Amp socket for yourself.

Final Verdict

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After thoroughly examining the Murray ‌RH173CRF⁣ meter socket, we can confidently say that it lives up to the reputation of quality ⁤and innovation that ⁢Murray has built⁢ over the years. The lever bypass feature, in particular, is a standout component ​of this product. The socket‍ design, originating⁢ in 1956, has stood the test of time and remains a reliable choice for both residential ⁢and‌ commercial use. With a 320 amp bypass blade, this socket is truly heavy duty and built to last.

Furthermore, the approval from various utilities adds ‍an extra layer of assurance for customers. Knowing that this meter socket has been approved ⁤by reputable utilities such ‌as‌ Bartow Electric and Consolidated Edison provides peace‍ of mind when making a purchase. The 200 amp continuous duty rating, ‍along with⁤ the use of RX type hubs, makes this socket⁢ a​ versatile and dependable option for any electrical setup. Overall, the Murray RH173CRF meter socket is a solid choice for those in‍ need of a reliable and durable solution.

Ready to upgrade your meter socket to the Murray RH173CRF? Click here ⁢to make your purchase now!

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

As we explore​ the world of​ solar ⁣energy in ⁣Gainesville, FL, we came across the Murray⁣ RH173CRF 200-Amp Meter ‍Socket, which has garnered ‌some positive feedback from customers. Let’s take a closer look at the reviews:

Customer Review
This meter socket is being used for ⁣a production meter of a‍ solar system. Very nice to have ‌a lever bypass in order‌ to “test” the AC side ‍of the solar ⁤inverter.

Worth well.

Based on the customer review, it seems that the lever bypass feature of the Murray 200-Amp Meter Socket is highly appreciated by users. Being able to test the AC side of the solar inverter ‌easily ‍adds value to the product. The customer also mentioned that it is‌ worth the investment, indicating satisfaction with the performance of the meter socket.

Overall, it appears that ​this meter socket is ​well-received by customers for its functionality​ and reliability in the context of⁢ solar energy systems. We ⁢look forward to seeing more positive reviews as the legacy of solar energy continues to shine in ⁢Gainesville, FL.

Pros & Cons


  • Time-proven ‍design since 1956
  • Heavy-duty⁣ bypass blade rated for 320 amps
  • Competitive price compared⁤ to lower quality⁢ competition
  • Approved ⁣by multiple utilities
  • 100% rated lever bypass with clamping action
  • Includes 7/8″ barrel lock provision


  • Approval needed from local utility before installation
  • Some utilities may not have an official list of approved devices
  • May not⁢ be⁤ suitable‌ for all types of installations


Q: Can this Murray meter socket‌ be used⁣ for both overhead and underground feed installations?

A: Yes, the Murray RH173CRF meter socket is designed to accommodate both overhead ‍and underground feed installations, providing versatility and convenience for different setups.

Q: Is this meter ‌socket compatible with solar energy systems?

A: Yes, the Murray 200-Amp socket is a great option⁣ for‍ solar energy systems, especially in Gainesville FL where solar power ⁤is on the rise. Its 100% rated lever ‍bypass ⁢with clamping action makes it a reliable choice for solar energy‌ applications.

Q: What type ⁣of hubs does this meter socket ⁣use?

A:‌ The ‌Murray 200-Amp meter socket uses RX ⁣type hubs, providing a secure and efficient connection ⁣for your electrical system.

Q: Does this meter socket have any ⁣security features?

A: Yes, this Murray meter socket includes a‍ 7/8″ barrel lock provision, ‌adding an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorized access.

Q: Can this meter ‍socket handle heavy-duty electrical loads?

A:‍ Absolutely, the Murray RH173CRF is rated for 200 Amp continuous duty and features a heavy-duty‌ bypass blade rated for 320 Amps, making ​it a reliable​ choice for ⁤high-demand electrical applications.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our review of ⁢the Murray ‍RH173CRF 200-Amp Meter Socket, we can ‌confidently say that this product truly shines a ⁤light on the⁤ solar energy legacy ​in Gainesville, FL. With its time-proven design, heavy-duty construction, and‌ utility approvals, this meter socket is a reliable choice for your energy needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your meter socket with Murray’s quality ⁣and innovation. Click here to purchase and ‍experience ⁤the difference for yourself: Purchase here. Thank you for reading!

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